About Us

Born in the historical town of Sambuca di Sicilia, Charlie Verde left with his family as a young boy to live in America, like many Italians did in the late 1960s and 70s, to seek the American dream.

Years later, returning with his wife and children, he instantly reconnected with the place he once called home. It was then he fell in love with the island of Sicily and its rich history and agriculture. The view from every balcony is surrounded by valleys, mountains and fertile farmlands. At the center of the Mediterranean Sea, Sicilian sunsets and African breezes revive the spirit.
Every grape vine growing on Sicilian soil embodies the full essence of the island’s riches.

At Verde Imports we understand that not only is quality of our products important, but quality of the people we work with, as well.

We choose to work with the most honest and dexterous, whether at the vineyard or in the conference room, to ensure that our business and our associates can grow together. Cantinas and Exporters know that we work diligently to import their products, and it is our sole mission to present incredible products to the market.

We mean to build meaningful relationships with our Distributors and Associates. Integrity and transparency is how we negotiate.

The makers of these fine wines are native Sicilians. They share in Charlie’s passion and commitment for exceptional quality. It is his pleasure to share with you the taste of Sicily in every sip of Sambucese.